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  • Ian Dooley

2020 - What a year!

It's fair to say that none of us will be too sorry to see the back of 2020.

This time last year none of us were thinking about infection rates, wearing masks, not having holidays, hand sanitising, working from home, missing family and friends, not going to the pub, Rishi, furlough, standing out and clapping the NHS or trying desperately to keep our loved ones safe.

For me, the end of the year saw me start to dip my toe into selling some of my pieces of art... I think it's fair to say, reluctantly at first. But I'm amazed at the response they've had & how quickly they've caught people's attention.

I've now got pictures selling in #BertAndGerts shop in Sutton Coldfield, on this website, and

on my original Etsy page at

I've sold and sent pictures all around the UK and over to the States, including Texas, New York and Philadelphia to name a few. Added to the ones I already had in Australia I now have pieces of art - that I've made - on walls all over the world... which is just crazy!!

Anyway, I look forward to 2021 and to seeing where this goes next - I'm open to subject suggestions for pictures so you can always drop me a message through the site or Facebook / Instagram.

I can't thank you enough for your support & interest... For liking, sharing & commenting on my posts and for ending a tough year on a positive vibe.

Thanks & Merry Christmas to you all!

Ian 👊

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