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I started doing these pictures a few years ago for friends and family as gifts.
"You should sell these" was something I regularly heard (which was nice of course) but 2020 was such a bizarre year that for some reason I finally listened!

As an artist, I love doing iconic stars, sometimes in a well-known pose or a famous image, but my favourites to do are the more 'casual' or less know images.

I work hard to get the likeness & I aim for a minimalist style, but with enough realistically toned shading to give depth and detail.

The first piece I ever did was The Beatles walking across Abbey Road - you won't see that one in the shop though (for sentimental reasons!)

They're all done by me... manually & laboriously here in the heart of the UK at Jigsaw Art Studio.

Thanks for checking out my work - hope you like it!


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